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Value-Added Solutions
Vertical Market Expertise


Maximizing your customer relationships and extracting optimal value from each customer.


The financial services markets are facing a new demanding competitive market place. With this come many challenges such as:

  • Tougher regulatory standards
  • Deleveraging process
  • Technology changes
  • Need to attract and retain customers
  • New competitors

In order to meet these challenges financial institutions are taking an even harder look at profitability and performance. This includes the need for more focus on the development of new products and revenue sources and carefully executed initiatives to address the effects of technology changes, competitive dynamics and a more educated consumer. The overall goal is to offset the pressure on returns by maximizing customer relationships and extracting optimal value from each customer.

At DSI we have helped many organizations achieve this goal by developing marketing solutions that help improve the understanding of customers’ needs through the analysis of critical data and the flexibility to create communications that address these needs. Our utilization of web-based communications insures the proper blend between the need for responsiveness and agility while also adhering to branding and compliance requirements. Our creative solutions for promoting products and services insure the desired results while remaining competitive in today’s challenging markets.

Another key component to remaining competitive is the need to improve operational efficiencies. This requires organizations optimize their processes and control their cost. DSI's technology solutions, distribution services and supply management programs are excellent tools to assist in these initiatives.

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