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Today's 24/7 markets present many challenges for the hospitality industry including:

  • Impact of technology
  • Brand management
  • Compounding cost
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Heavy reliance on economic conditions
  • Employee turnover

These challenges become increasingly difficult to meet in a world where information is easily accessible allowing customers to compare locations, prices and reviews instantaneously. Added to this is the fact that consumer's habits and attitudes are changing rapidly and their demands and expectations have expanded. By not addressing these dynamics hospitality organizations run the risk of allowing outside influences to become managers of their brand. In order to meet these challenges organizations must have access to timely data on consumer trends and develop effective strategies for communicating their value in addressing these trends. Added to this is the need to keep a handle on ever increasing cost.

DSI has proven success in helping our customers achieve these goals. We begin the process by insuring data integrity through every distribution medium. This includes having systems for the effective mining and modeling of data and the development of "smart" communications for getting the right communication in the right hands at the right time. This multi-channel approach helps insure your brand is reaching the consumer during the critical decision making phases.

Managing business supplies cost is another key component to driving profitable revenue growth. This becomes increasingly important when you consider the impact of less controllable cost such as utilities, insurance and increasing regulations. At DSI we have proven success in the development of supplies distribution programs that have achieved significant savings for customers. Our programs take advantage of leading technology solutions to effectively manage inventory and control line item budget expenditures.

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