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Unlike any other strategic partner, DSI is a true single source provider for all business consumables. Successful organizations in today's market place understand the importance of keeping transaction costs to a minimum. DSI provides an integrated approach for procurement of all types of business printing, office products, janitorial supplies and promotional products. Nationwide service allows a DSI customer to place just one order for all its business consumables and go to just one place for customer service. This service also provides complete control with reports on-line or hard copy, plus a single invoice that summarizes all those business consumables, organized according to your accounting ledger codes.

DSI Requinet, our comprehensive e-business solution, presents customers with an easy-to-use on-screen catalog that walks them through an ordering routine and communicates their order directly to DSI. The order is almost instantly acknowledged and an e-mail is sent to both the person who placed the order and anyone designated to review and approve the purchase.

DSI groups your purchases together for maximum freight discounts, provides unparalleled control through reporting and summary billing, and makes it easy for the DSI customer to quickly find and order the business consumables they need to drive their enterprise.

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