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Value-Added Solutions

TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS that improve processes, reduce cost and enhance communications

DSI has long been recognized as a leader in providing customized technology solutions to help our customers improve processes, reduce cost and more effectively communicate with their customers. Our solutions are scalable allowing us to deliver the right solution(s) to meet the unique needs of each of our customers. DSI's Technology Resource Center provides customers a convenient portal for accessing the many solutions we have available.

My Account

The "My Account" solution provides organizations a snapshot of their current account status for DSI transactions. Content includes a current outstanding invoice aging summary, linked invoice images that may be printed for payment and general account record information.


"ImprintNet" assists in maintaining brand integrity through the use of custom web templates addressing the needs for ordering business cards, stationery, brochures, flyers, note cards and other imprinted materials. Features include online proofing and automated order approval processes.

Digital Asset Management

This solution provides organizations a web-based repository for managing the control, access and updating of all corporate digital assets. Features include dynamic search functionality unique to each account, three levels of user authorization and easy to use upload and download capabilities.

Promotional Products

This web-based solution hosts over 860,000 items that may be presented in your corporate brand. Extensive search engines assist in narrowing selection to desired items by theme, product description or price range.  Click here to access the DSI Promotional Products search engine.


Personalized URL's provide the ability to present individualized websites containing highly personalized content. Each PURL program provides customizable reporting and response tracking features.


"RequiNet" supports order accuracy and efficiencies in a managed environment, allowing users to obtain information about inventoried items, requisition inventoried items, submit on-demand production orders and print low usage items at the desktop. In addition, your users may generate a host of web-based reports or access real time order tracking.

Web To Print

This platform provides organizations the ability to allow user access to custom web based templates for generating highly personalized direct mail, marketing collateral, follow-up to customer inquiries and similar communications.

Database Archive

This solution allows organizations to enhance their direct mail initiatives with an interactive archive and search databases tool. Dynamic search functionality assists with up-sell and cross-sell initiatives. Generating secondary lists is easy with various download options.

Office Consumables

This solution allows access to over 220,000 office supply line items. Search features include product category, manufacturer and price.

Company Store

Company store sites are web-based client branded sites for organizations to provide employees, customers and members access to pre-selected promotional merchandise. Items may be a combination of inventoried products as well as on-demand embroidered and screen printed apparel products. Flexible checkout options provide the ability to support internal employee benefit programs and external revenue programs.

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